About Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters is inspired by the fun gameplay of Diablo, Voxel’s signature look and the feel of Minecraft. It is a creative and unique project that combines NFT (Earning Nature) and the best gaming genre of MMORPG (Fun Nature). Thanks to Blockchain Technology, players can own, invest, trade and earn in Titan Hunters and other games in our universe. From our viewpoint, the core success of an NFT game depends on how to highlight the value of the user's NFT assets inside the game and outside the community, so the core game loop will make sure that users really need Marketplace for collecting, trading and earning. We believe that having fun and deliberate gameplay and a sense of ownership over unique perpetual items is the proper formula for Titan Hunters to succeed.

Titan Hunters starts as an MMORPG game featuring a gorgeous and fun Dungeon Crawler gameplay with a simple but tried-and-true set of systems in place. With an extremely high quality, the game brings the fun of mining or crafting spins to the genre to accompany Voxel’s signature look and feel. The Titan Hunters team wishes to create a charming and fun game crafted by mobile game development veterans. We aim at delivering such experience with tons of loot, secret areas to uncover, and multiple difficulty-progressive levels to unlock.

In the second phase, Titan Hunters will expand its universe to have different types of gameplay in different game worlds in which players can bring their favorite character creations and all gears to join different games with their friends. Lastly, Titan Hunters will allow players to create their own games using Titan Hunters' proprietary engine that can be played by other users. We also allow players to buy, sell, and create virtual items used to decorate their virtual character that serves as their avatar on the Titan Hunters platform.

Invest 2 Earn - Free to play

"Earning" is the most interesting part of the NFT Game Industry. Our team focuses on creating a healthy and advanced game economy system. Titan Hunters allows players to not only have fun playing but also invest their time and money to make the grand return as earning.

Minting NFTs: The big difference between Titan Hunters and other games is that you will only spend real money to mint the item that you have already owned and precisely known its value to you (or even the value of that item in the marketplace). NFT Items are created based on your purpose. When you understand how valuable your ownership is instead of the game publisher, you will control your money for a better investment

Farming: The game token is a mandatory element to process any feature of the game. Players with plenty of time can farm in-game NFT items and sell them to players that have less time to play. This will help to create a healthy way to Play & Earn model in the right way.

Holding: Titan Hunters' investors can hold $TITA tokens to benefit from staking, governance/voting, profit sharing events. This can refer to Titan Hunters' value as our community grows.

Token system

Ticker: $TITA No hard cap on supply BEP-20 token standard on Binance Smart Chain $TITA token is the main currency and can be earned through special events and contents in game. Claim them to your wallet Titan Hunters does not sell $TITA to players directly Ultilities TITAtoken ($TITA) is the fuel of Titan Hunters' internal economy, $TITA can be used within the game at:
  • In game activities
  • In game upgrades
Ticker: COIN
  • Unlimited In-game currency
  • Earn from Battles, Events, Quests
  • In game activities
  • In game upgrades
No quests available at the moment...
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